International community calls on Somali leaders to reach a final consensus ahead of Ramadhan



Members of the international community in Somalia have called on the Heads of State administrations and Government to reach an agreement.

The international community has demanded the Federal government to make a choice to deal with the situation and agree together.

“As Somalis prepare for the holy month of Ramadan, the international community is expressing hope that the fundamental principles of reflection, tolerance, forgiveness and reconciliation will lead to a successful summit of Federal Government leaders and Federal Member States,” Said a statement from the International Community.

The international community noted that the importance of the planned Federal Government of Somalia and the regional state head Summit was critical for the nation and said that Somali-owned and Somali-led dialogue will lead to resolving all outstanding issues and approving the implementation of the electoral process of 17 September

“Such an agreement, a symbol of unity, compassion and care for others, shows leadership and interest in the Somali people and will be a special gift for the Somali people during the month of Ramadan,”. Said the statement.

They urged the Federal Government of Somalia and its regional state leaders to use this opportunity to resolve their differences and take the necessary steps to ensure that the elections are credible, timely, and peaceful without delay to allow Somalia to move forward.