Puntland state AG’s office warns UN staff over tax evasion


The Puntland regional state of Somalia’s Attorney General’s Office and the UN Tax Promotion Committee in Puntland have issued a warning to foreigners in Bari and Mudug regions. Puntland Deputy Attorney General Mohamed Hared Farah said there were four UN staff members who refused to pay tax.

The four United Nations staff were identified as Abdinur Hassan Ahmed, Hersi Hussein Nur, Mohamed Abdullahi Farah and Nuradin Said Mohamed, all of whom Works for the World Health Organization, a specialized international agency of the United Nations.

The four UN staff were pay given until 4/3/2021 to pay their taxes failure to which they will be brought to justice.

The Deputy Attorney General of Puntland stated that there are five other UN staff operating in Karkar region who lapsed on their tax compliance dates and were demanded to pay their taxes immediately or face similar consequences.

On several occasions, the Puntland State Prosecutor’s Office has released the names of UN staff members who have failed to pay taxes.