Turkish government expresses concern over Somali poll delay


The Turkish Foreign Ministry has issued a statement expressing concern over the lack of consensus on the Somali electoral process.

They statement from Turkish Foreign Ministry said that this was crippling hopes for development in Somalia and achieving peace and prosperity, and called on the federal government and regional governments to come together and resolve their differences.

“I am concerned that so far the lack of consensus among electoral stakeholders in Somalia is undermining the hopes of the Somali people for the development of their country, as well as for peace and prosperity.Once again, we invite the Federal Government and the Federal Member States to come together and resolve their differences through constructive and constructive dialogue based on the agreement reached on September 17, 2020 and emphasize its importance. to hold elections without delay”, Reads the Statement.

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has reiterated its support and in brotherhood of the Somali government and urged the Somali leaders to set aside their political difference and overcome the poll deadlock as soon as possible.