European Union threatens Somali leaders into reaching a compromise on talks


The European Union (EU) has threatened Somali leaders, especially those who undermine electoral talks, with consequences for their actions.

A statement from the office of EU Vice President Josep Borrel last night called on Somali leaders to reach a compromise leading to a speedy election process and a peaceful transfer of power in accordance with the September 17 agreement.

The European Union (EU) says current misunderstandings among Somali leaders are significantly slowing down the pace of change that the Somali people urgently need.

Heads of the Federal Government and Regional Administrations are urged to respect the responsibilities of the Somali people and to hold parliamentary and presidential elections as soon as possible.

A statement from the European Union said political leaders shame themselves for representing their citizens when they put their personal interests ahead of the public interest.

“Those who undermine dialogue or resort to violence will be dealt with and will face consequences for their actions.” The European Union (EU) said in a statement on Tuesday.

Somali leaders have not yet reached an agreement on parliamentary and presidential elections, following the end of February this year, during the term of the outgoing Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

The European Union is investing heavily in the Federal Government of Somalia, and the African Union Mission in Somalia