Jubbaland Ministry for Water, Energy and Minerals commemorates World water day and unveils water trucking plan


The Ministry of Energy, Water and Minerals of the Jubbaland State of Somalia has today commemorated the World Water Day which is marked on 22 March every year.
The Jubbaland’s Ministry of Energy, Water and Mineral Resources has also unveiled 6 water tankers for water trucking in some parts of Kismayo which has been widely hit with water shortages.

One of the settlements established by the Ministry for the Water trucking includes New Kismayo, which is a neighborhood which provides home and shelter to refugee returnees and internallyDisplaced Persons in Kismayo.

Some of the residents of New Kismayo welcomed the initiative and thanked the Ministry for delivering the much needed assistance in the wake of acute water shortages.

” We have been severely affected by water shortages which sometimes proves difficult for many poor homesteads here in New Kismayo. Schools, hospitals and other institutions have been widely hot by water crisis but we are thankful now, alot will change for our betterment, courtesy of the Energy and Water Ministry,” Said Hassan Farah, New Kismayo resident.
Kismayo Deputy District Commissioner Abdullahi Mohamed Abdi who officiated the event underscored the importance of the World water day and praised the Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water of the Jubbaland state for organizing the event and initiating the unveiling of the water tankers which he said will greatly impact on the people of Kismayo.
Jubbaland Deputy Minister for Minerals, Energy and Water Abdirashid Mohamed Duale who spoke at the forum highlighted the importance of water and its need, noting that this day is a great day for the Kismayo people since they will now benefit from the unveiled water tankers.
The World water day is marked globally on March 22. The annual event aims at underscoring the importance of having access to clean water by everyone.