The Ministry of Health approves the safety of the new Oxford / Astraeneca vaccine in the country



The Somali Ministry of Health and Social Welfare has issued a statement confirming the safety of the new Coronavirus vaccine which was recently introduced in Somalia.

The Somali Ministry of Health has denied reports which indicates a health risk on the vaccine roll out.

The ministry said in a statement that the World Health Organization (WHO) had last week begun monitoring and verifying the Oxford / Astrazeneca vaccine, citing reports of new health risks, prompting some countries to suspend their vaccination.

“Follow-up by the European Health Agency (MA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and other health agencies have confirmed the effectiveness of the Oxford / Astraeneca vaccine, and it has been confirmed to be independent of any dangerous, and we are going to use it, ” Reads the statement of the Ministry of health

The Health Ministry added that “We are confident in the OXFORD / ASTRAHNECA vaccine, which will help eradicate the Coronavirus virus pandemic”.