Puntland State announces launch of Coronavirus vaccine drive


The Puntland Minister for Health Dr. Jama Farah Hassan and the Director General at the Puntland Ministry of Health, chaired a meeting of the technical committee working on the launch of the Covid19 vaccine roll out.

The Health technical committee has been working since the vaccine arrived in Puntland on 16 March.

Speaking to the media after the meeting, the Minister said that Health ministry is working on plans to distribute the Coronavirus vaccine in the entire regional state of Puntland.

“Following the arrival of the Covid19 vaccine in Puntland, the ministry has been working to prepare the vaccination sites and delivery to various parts of Puntland. This vaccine roll out will be the most effective,” Said Dr. Jama Farah Hassan.

The meeting was attended by senior consultants, doctors and officials from UNICEF and WHO. The vaccination is expected to start next Saturday at about 30 centers in Puntland, in collaboration with a federal commission comprising members of the office of the Presidency, the Ministries of Information, and the Ministry of Interior.

The enrolment for the vaccine has already begun with schoolteachers, doctors, police and adults taking the lead in the vaccine drive.

“The first phase of 40,000 vaccine doses is intended to vaccinate about 40,000 people in Puntland. The ministry is committed to identifying all targets and ensuring that there is no shortage of vaccines. The second phase of the vaccine is scheduled to arrive in Puntland in two to three weeks, ” Said Dr. Jama Farah Hassan.