Jubbaland Ministry of Fisheries donates new vehicles to Kismayo fish traders



The Jubbaland Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has handed over vehicles to some of the fish traders in Kismayo, which is aimed at boosting the transportation and distribution of fish products within Kismayo.

A total of 24 fish traders and vendors have benefitted from eight vehicles courtesy of the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MoFMR). 3 fishermen are meant to share one vehicle. The plan for the is part of an empowerment plan for the Kismayo fish traders.

Chairman of the Fisheries Co-operative Mohamed Ali Muse said the vehicles donated will tremendously aid the fish traders and will make a big difference in the lives of families who depend on the fishing business.

“The vehicles handed over to us today will contribute a lot to the development of the fishing industry, especially the people who benefitted from the generous donation of the Fisheries Ministry, its indeed a great opportunity for us,” Said Mohamed Ali Muse.

The Jubbaland Minister for Fisheries and Marine Resources Ibrahim Abdi Hassan said the vehicles will help the circulation of the fish in Kismayo which will in turn uplift the livelihoods of the fish traders and vendors.