Jubbaland Ministry of Livestock vaccinates nearly two million animals against pneumonia



The Jubbaland Ministry of Livestock and Animal Husbandry has launched a vaccination campaign drive aimed at vaccinating 1.8 million livestock and animals.

The Director of Animal Health, Osman Mohamed Hassan, told Radio Kismayo that the vaccine only applies to goats and prevents the development of pneumonia, which is common in goats.

The disease is also said to reduce the amount of tissue and milk that affects other people who depend on animals.

The newly launched program is being run by about 20 teams trained by the Ministry and the Veterinary Vaccination, who will travel to pastoralist areas as well as drinking water sources.

Symptoms of the disease in goats include nasal mucopurulent discharge. Fever with a temperature of 104 degrees F to 106 degrees F. Moist, painful cough, difficulty in breathing. An examination of the lungs may reveal crackle like sounds, along with nasal and ocular mucopurulent.

The vaccine, which will last for two months, is being implemented by the ministry with the help of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).