Jubbaland Ministry of Education holds introductory meeting for vocational and business professionals



The Jubbaland Ministry of Education and Higher learning has held an introductory meeting for both vocational professionals and business people in Kismayu,  Jubbaland regional state of Somalia.

The meeting organized by the Jubbaland Ministry of Education and Higher Education, was aimed at introducing young people trained by the ministry who have learnt various vocational skills.

The young professionals graduated from a vocational training institute run by the Jubbaland Ministry of Education. They have learnt skills such as electricity, computer, sewing, construction, plumbing, women’s beautification, crafts among other skills.

The meeting was attended by some of the commercial companies in Kismayo such as electricity, construction, banking and printing companies among others.

During the meeting, the ministry briefed business leaders on the various skills the vocational professionals have acquired so that they can be an asset if needed in the job market.

The Kismayo Deputy District Commissioner Abdullahi Mohamed Abdi who was present at the meeting lauded the Jubbaland Education ministry efforts in instilling various skills and professionalism on the youth in Kismayo.

The Director of the technical department of the Jubbaland Ministry of Education Dr. Ahmed Farah Ali (Aweys) said the introductory meeting will provide an adequate and the much needed exposure to the professionals in the job market.

Meanwhile, the ministry has formed a committee of young professionals who will represent the interests of the youth in Kismayo. They will work in close collaboration with the Ministry of Education and policy foundation and will work to seek opportunities for young people learn different skills.

In recent years, the Jubbaland Ministry of Education has focused on providing unemployed Somali youth with vocational training opportunities and this program has provided opportunities for many young people currently working in the city and beyond its borders.