Somali officials concerned about Joe Biden’s decision on US airstrikes on Al-Shabaab in Somalia


Somalia is increasingly concerned about a new directive from US President Joe Biden’s new administration on the use of drones and US military strikes in Somalia which is under too much restrictions.

Somali officials see these changes as an opportunity for al-Qaeda-linked Al- Shabaab militants to thrive and get the motivation to carry out large scale terror activities inside Somalia.

Since Joe Biden became president on January 20th, the United States has not carried out any airstrikes against Al-Shabab strongholds.

Senior Somali military officials are concerned that the new directive, which has tightened US control of Somalia and requires White House approval of the operation, means Al-Shabaab will regroup.

“The lack of airstrikes means that Al-Shabaab leaders will emerge from their hiding and wreak havoc on innocent Somali people,” a senior Somali military official told VOA on condition of anonymity.

“They will regroup their terror militants, install heavy guns in vehicles, and begin to gather in large numbers,” He added.

He said that the terror group which has long destabilize Somalia will not only cripple the Somali nation but also do so to the entire region if they get the freedom to roam around.