Jubbaland Judiciary is formidable and up to the task, says Judiciary Secretary


The Jubbaland judiciary is said to have made good progress in resolving land disputes, this follows the Jubbaland Ministry of Justice, Justice and Religious Affairs establishment of a special court to resolve and decide land disputes in Kismayo.

Jubbaland Secretary General of the Judiciary Abdullahi Abdikadir Aden (Qanuuni) said the new land court is a permanent solution to the land dispute, adding that the Jubbaland state has already established a land management agency.

This was said to be a major milestone that aid people in gaining legal status on land and reducing land disputes in the region.

Abdullahi Abdikadir also noted the achievements of the past year saying relentless effort has been made towards improving service delivery and revamping the whole system in a bid to create good work flow.

He said a number of plans and measures are underway to improve Jubbaland’s judicial service.