Somali Opposition leaders warns FGS forces to stay out of the country’s politics ahead of Friday’s protest



A meeting of opposition candidates in Mogadishu last night warned government officials and troops against meddling in the country’s political affairs, urging them not to stand in the way of opposition members protests on Friday.

Dahir Mohamud Geelle, a spokesman for the opposition candidates’ union told reporters in Mogadishu that they had prepared everything for the protesters on Friday.

Dahir Geelle also revealed that their plan is for Friday prayers to be held at the Daljirka Daahsoon square and that they have prepared an army to provide security and all services during the protest.

Federal Government has however announced that it has banned all demonstrations and public gatherings in bid to contain and curb the spread of coronavirus which has resurged.

The Somali government’s decision comes as the Union of Candidates in Mogadishu called for large-scale anti-government protests in Mogadishu on Friday.