Explosives intercepted on its way to Ethiopia’s capital



Security forces in Ethiopia on Wednesday seized 23 cartons containing explosives from a vehicle en route to Addis Ababa from the country’s northernmost region of Tigray.

The driver was reportedly intercepted at Kombolcha town from the Woldiya customs checkpoint in the Amhara region.

Local media reported that the vehicle carrying the explosive was believed to be from the restive Tigray region.

An unspecified number of soldiers were killed last year and a sizable amount of military hardware had been looted by TPLF forces, prompting the government to launch a massive law enforcement operation.

On Nov. 28, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed declared the operation, saying what remained was apprehending the TPLF leadership and their militants, reconstruction and rehabilitation in the restive region, and putting in place the structures of an interim administration for Tigray.

Thousands have died in the fighting, according to the International Crisis Group, and tens of thousands of refugees have streamed across the border into Sudan.

Abiy declared victory in late November after federal forces entered the regional capital Mekele.