Kismayo district begins census of businesses in Kismayo.


Kismayo Municipality in collaboration with the Jubbaland Ministry of Finance has launched a census of businesses in Kismayo.
The aim is to find information on the basis of the businesses in place and their operational model. This was said to also ease the issuance of business permits to businesses.

Kismayo Deputy District Commissioner and Municipal Finance Secretary A / rashid Abdi Ibrahim “Maduulow” said the local government has decided to identify the type of business in existence and their operational modality which was very key and important for the government.

“Its always easy to know the type of business in place. This would aid in management and issuing of permits . This exercise would be a step in the right direction and would curtail cartels in the business industry,” Said Abdirishid Abdi.

Abdirishid Abdi said the issuance of the business permit to businesses and traders in Kismayu would help ease the government and business frictions and would boost cooperation and close relations.

The census exercise kicked off last week and is set to continue to the end of this month.

BY Amal Awil Mohamud