Somali government requests extension of AMISOM mission mandate in Somalia


The National Security Adviser to the President of the Federal Government of Somalia Abdi Said has addressed a UN Security Council meeting on the situation in Somalia.

He thanked the international community for its role in building the army and the role of AMISOM in the fight against Al-Shabaab terror group, which remains in parts of the country.

The national security advisor thanked the United Nations and friends of Somalia for their support in every front.

He called on the Federal Government, States and the international community to work closely to ensure the goal of building a national force able to take over the security of the end of 2023 is reached.

He added that it was important to extend the mandate of the African Union Mission in Somalia, the AMISOM Mission as part of the Somali National Army’s 2022 plan to take over security in the country.

Finally, he called on the international community to continue and strengthen its support for Somalia to stand on its own two feet.