Jubbaland State president castigates Somali president for Dhusamareeb talks failure



The President of the Jubbaland State of Somalia Ahmed Mohamed Islam has held a press conference at the sidelines of Dhusamareb conference castigating the failure of the talks and blamed President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo for the breakdown of the talks.

President Ahmed Mohamed Islam spoke about the reasons behind the inconclusive conclusion of the Dhusamareb conference and blamed President Farmajo for the inconvenience.

“The president has summed up the claims of one region and one district in Somalia and still denies to relinquish the firm grip on Gedo region. The Somali president has really failed the entire nation and the collapse of this talks in Dhusamareeb squarely lies on him. It’s really so unfortunate,” Said Ahmed Mohamed Islam.

He said president Farmajo is selfish and only looks at his interests always. The Jubbaland state president said he was ready for anything that can be resolved but saddened by the ongoing fighting in Gedo region.

President Ahmed Mohamed Islam has said that he will return to Kismayo, the capital of the Jubbaland state and will discuss the country’s politics when he arrives in Kismayo.

The Dhusamareeb conference where which brought together Somali President Mohamed Abdulahi Farmajo and heads of regional states end yesterday with no concensus and agreement reached.