Taiwan aids Somaliland in agricultural production development



Taiwan’s autonomous region is launching a program to help the Somaliland government boost agricultural production in Somaliland.

The Somaliland Ministry for Agriculture and officials from the Taiwanese embassy in Hargeisa, who jointly announced the program, said they would teach Somaliland farmers how to grow more production in a small area.

The Director of the Somaliland Ministry of Agriculture, Roble Abdi Muse told the media that the program is one of several projects Taiwan is implementing in Somaliland to promote agricultural development and production.

“It’s a project designed in a collaborative way, with the ministry adding that Taiwan is aiding the Somaliland. This project is different from other projects. It’s a pilot project,” Roble Abdi told the BBC.

The Agriculture Minister said Taiwan will set up a farm in the country which will serve as a showpiece so that the farm will use modern methods to produce more produce.