Jubbaland State President receives UN special representative for Somalia amid calls for peaceful and inclusive poll



The President of the Jubbaland State of Somalia Ahmed Mohamed Islam has yesterday received the United Nations Envoy to Somalia James Swan and other senior officials from UNHCR, WFP, FAO and WHO at his Presidential palace.

The meeting Discussed Political situation in the country, security and the support of the United Nations in the region.

The President of Jubbaland state Ahmed Mohammed Islam thanked the UN Envoy for his visit to Kismayo and for the efforts of the international partners to find a lasting solution to the challenges surrounding the holding of peaceful and inclusive elections in the country.

“The region is ready to run any negotiated solution so that peaceful poll is realized. first the issue of Gedo region needs to be resolved. The Resolutions of the electoral agreements that we have entered into in order to hold a fair and mutually acceptable election should go without saying. I thank the international community for its significant role in this matter and for their commitment to holding elections in the country, ”said Jubbaland President Ahmed Mohamed Islam.

Meanwhile, the UN Special Representative for Somalia, James Swan, thanked the Jubbaland State President for the warm welcome he and his delegation received in Jubbaland today during their visit to Kismayo, the interim capital of Jubbaland.

“I commend once again the positive steps that have opened the door to the difficult situation in the country by the Presidents of Jubbaland and Puntland who were appointed by the State Electoral Commissions on the 28th of this month and their call for a meeting between the FGS and State Governments. As a result, the President of the JFS convened a meeting of the Heads of State and Government of Benadir region yesterday, which we expect to come up with proposals for holding inclusive elections and compromise among the leaders, ” Said James Swan

Meanwhile, the Jubbaland Ministers held separate meetings with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), WFP, FOA and WHO to discuss development projects in Jubbaland and their support to the Agriculture, Fisheries, Refugees and Health has improved a lot in recent times.

In conclusion, President Ahmed Mohamed Islam thanked the Institutions and encouraged the Ministries to redouble their efforts and implement the Jubbaland development plan.

The President thanked WFP in particular for facilitating the shipwreck 30 years ago, which has hampered the port’s operations, especially in the docking sector, which is now operating normally.