Puntland and Galmudug administration meet in Galkayo amid calls for strengthening cooperation and ties



Mudug and Galmudug region administration officials have conducted a security meeting whose purpose was to strengthen peace efforts in Gaalkacyo as well as boost cooperation between Gaalkacyo District Administration and the business community.

The meeting was also attended by officials from the Galkayo Stabilization Force, the Director of the Galkayo Presidency, the Coordinator of the Puntland Ministry of Commerce in Mudug Region, the Director of Taxation in Eastern Mudug Region amomg other officials.

A host of resolutions were passes during the meeting which included:

  1. Establish a committee consisting of both the district administration and the central market merchants to work on the rehabilitation of the central market in Gaalkacyo.
  1. To avoid anything that could jeopardize the peace in Gaalkacyo.
  1. Strengthen peace meetings and social integration in Gaalkacyo.
  1. In order to work together to boost infrastructure and sanitation in the region.
  1. To establish places for the poor traders to trade in the central market of Gaalkacyo. .