25 Patients with acute watery diarrhea admitted at Kudhaa health centre


Several People suffering from acute watery diarrhea have been taken to local health centers in Badhadhe district of Lower Juba region following the outbreak of the sickness.

About 25 people, both adults and children have been admitted so far. Khalif Hussein Shire, a health worker at a maternal and child health center run by Wasda, told Radio Kismayo.
Ayaan Yusuf Mohamed, a two-year-old girl who contracted acute watery diarrhea 36 hours ago was said to have experienced severe vomiting and diarrhea and was rushed to the hospital and is now under treatment.
Khalif Hussein Shire, a nurse at the Wasda Maternal and Child Health Center run by Wasda, said they had so far registered 25 cases of acute watery diarrhea which are so severe and things might spiral out of control due to limited drugs and medication at the facility.

“So far, most of the affected people are young children. Adults are few, and we have very few medicines left, the situation is dire since at this juncture we got 25 cases and this might increase. Things might get out of hand,” said Khalif Hussein Shire, a nurse in Kudha.