Jubbaland Attorney General inspects police stations in Kismayo district


Jubbaland Attorney General Mohamed Sheikh Osman has today inspected the Kismayo police station to asses the working environment and the conditions of the police stations.

During the special visit, the AG was accompanied by Kismayo Central Police Commander Warsame Ahmed Geele.
Mohamed Sheikh Osman inspected various police stations including the Midnimo police station where the returnees are staying.

The prosecutor said the inspection was to oversee the cases coming to Kismayo police stations and the time it takes for the police to note the cases and bring to book perpetrators accused of various crimes.
Speaking to the Press after the inspection, Jubballand’s Attorney General Mohamed Sheikh Osman said that the police force is providing good service to the community and more efforts are being put in place to boost police capacity in the Jubbaland state of Somalia.
The prosecutor’s visit to some of the Kismayo police stations has contributed to the intensification and co-operation between the security forces in Jubbaland and further strengthens the efforts of the police force in Kismayo and its environs.