Jubbaland official shot dead in Kismayo by a stray bullet in a police checkpoint



A prominent businessman and a Jubbaland state government official was killed last night in Kismayo in what was said to be by a stray bullet after a fracas ensued in a checkpoint in the town.

The late government official was said to be living near the police checkpoint. He was identified as Awil Ali Barre (Awil Buluq). He was a port official in Kismayo.

A statement from the Jubbaland presidency said Awil Ali Barre, a Jubbaland official, was killed in a shootout near his residence in Kismayo.

The statement added that security forces in Kismayo are investigating the cause of the shooting incident.

No one has claimed responsibility for the killing of the Jubbaland official. The Jubbaland state government has not yet charged anyone following the incident but investigations has been launched into the matter.