Security forces in Galgadud arrest 5 people suspected in businessman’s murder



Security forces in Abudwaq district in northern Galgadud region under Balanballe district administration have carried out a planned operation to arrest five people accused of recent killings on the outskirts of Abudwaq.

The detainees are accused of killing Fadhige Ibrahim Ahmed Dhageey, a businessman in Abudwaq district.

Galgadud Regional Police Commander Colonel Sharmake Abdul Warsame, accompanied by Abudwaq District Police Commander Farhan Hussein Hassan and Deputy District Police Commander Bilal Hassan Ali said the detainees were handed over to the 21st Division.

The men arrested by the Somali security forces on suspicion of killing the businessman have been identified as:

1-Hamush Adan Dheer

2-Nasteex Bashir Tiite

3-Ali Abdi Dhicis

4- Abdi Arif

5-Jaange Gacmo Baste.

There have been previous clan-based killings in some parts of Galgadud region, with some of the perpetrators arrested and others still on the run.