Galmudug internal security minister mobilizes efforts to ease Al- Shabaab grip in Mudug region of Somalia


Galmudug’s Minister for Internal Security and other officials who have been in Hobyo district for the past two weeks have visited the former Galmudug security forces base in Ba’adweyn and Imaamad areas of Mudug region.

The Armed Forces of the 21st Division, Galmudug Security Forces and Darawish forces are on high alert following threats and killings by the Somali terror group Al- Shabaab in areas under mudug region.

The interior security minister and his entourage have been mobilizing in recent days to liberate Galmudug from Al-Shabaab militants who have been wreaking havoc on the people of Galmudug, urging the troops to expel Al-Shabaab in those areas.

Local residents welcomed the security officials and expressed their willingness to support and stand with the forces in the war on terror and help efforts to liberate Galmudug from the terror network’s grip. BY OSMAN HUSSEIN ALI