South West state President launches meetings in Hudur, Bakool region which is in dire humanitarian situation


The president of South West state Abdiaziz Hassan Mohamed, Lafta Gareen, and a delegation led by him visited Hudur town yesterday for a series of intensive meetings.

President Lafta Gareen last night held meetings with community members and traditional elders in Bakool region, the discussion centered on the living conditions of the people of Bakool.

Lafta Gareen spoke briefly to the media when he arrived in Hudur yesterday, saying he was looking into the needs of the people in the region and that his administration was ready to address them.

The South West state President also met with the Bakool regional administration and Hudur district administration and listened to reports on the living conditions of the people of Bakool.

In Bakol region, which consists of five districts, three are reported to be in a dire humanitarian situation, following al-Shabaab’s increased land sanctions in Wajid and El- Barde districts and Hudur.