US Congress calls for Trump’s resignation



The US House of Representatives has again recommended the removal of President Donald Trump after a majority vote.

Congress spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi has officially announced that the House of Representatives is once again proposing the removal of President Donald Trump, and his resignation will be submitted to the US Senate.

A total of 232 lawmakers voted in favor of Trump’s impeachment on charges of “public incitement and incompetence.”

The incident follows a recent attack by President Trump supporters on the US House of Representatives.

Ten lawmakers from President Trump’s party also voted in favor of his removal, while 197 lawmakers from the same Republican party opposed Trump.

The impeachment motion is different from the previous one in which no member of President Trump’s party voted in favor of his impeachment. The congressional hearing about that were exactly where the Trump administration came from.

Enforcement of this in the upper house would require a majority in the upper house.

President Trump, whose term ends on January 20, will be the first US president to be ousted after being accused of masterminding the attack on the Capitol.

Speaking on Tuesday, Donald Trump said his speech last week, ahead of the deadly Capitol riots, was “absolutely correct.” Mr Trump at the time called on his supporters to protest in front of the House of Representatives.

He defended his remarks, calling them “ugly” and calling on Democratic politicians in Congress to remove the president because he has sparked unrest.

He warned Trump that this could cause a lot of outrage.