Somali president and State’s presidents meet at Villa Somalia to iron out the contentious upcoming Somali Poll


The president of Somalia Mohamed Abdullahi farmajo, Galmudug State President, South West state President and Hir-shabelle state president held a meeting at the Villa Somalia to address the disputed upcoming Somali poll.

The meeting, which lasted several hours, was later joined by NISA chief Fahad Yassin and focused on electoral issues and resolving obstacles to the implementation of the agreed electoral process.

According to reports, the government has agreed in principle to amend the disputed Electoral Commission and opposition candidates have been previously asked to submit a list of members they want to replace, within three days which in its submission was supposed to happen last night.

Meanwhile, a meeting was held between Prime Minister Roble, Heads of State of Galmudug, Hir Shabelle and South West and the Governor of Banadir Region.

The Somali government is expected to provide details on the outcome of the Presidential meetings and how to resolve the election dispute today before noon.