Puntland President issues tough decisions amid protests



Puntland State of Somalia President Saciid Abdullahi Deni has issued new resolutions on the devaluation of the Somali Shilling and Exchange Rate which has been the subject of public outcry in recent days.

President Deni who held a press conference said the port’s 10% tax would be charged in Somali shillings while mobile phone bills could not be sent for less than $ 10 to make the Somali shilling work.

Speaking at a rally in Garowe yesterday, Puntland President said that the protests were not related to the rejection of money and the exchange rate but were aimed at tarnishing Puntland’s image by people who are taking advantage of public sentiment and settling for political interests.

Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni’s statement comes at a time when the use of the Somali shilling has been banned in Puntland in recent days and the public has been protesting.