US launches operation to withdraw troops from Somalia


In the past 24 hours, the USS Hershel ‘Woody Williams’ aircraft carrier has entered Somali waters, assisting in the transport of an estimated 700 troops from Somalia.

The operation includes an AC-130W Stinger II aircraft that will provide air defense and data collection during the operation.

In addition, eagle-like drones hover over the sea during the ship’s stay in Somali waters.

Residents near Ballidoogle said they heard the sound of low-flying planes last night. The US Africa Command (AFRICOM) says troops will be deployed to Djibouti and Kenya.

AFRICOM says it is prepared if an attack is carried out on its troops during the move.

Operation Octave Quartz which means ;

O: Operationally

C: Critical

T: Threat

A: Asset

V: Vulnerability

E: Evaluation

The USS HERSHEL ‘WOODY’ WILLIAM  is a ship which is 239 meters long was originally designed to be used as a base.  It is new and officially launched on 22 February 2018. It is valued at $ 498 million.

Apparently, the ship was named after Hershel Williams, a former U.S. Marine who died in World War II.