Urgent meeting held in the wake of explosion that killed dozens in Gaalkacyo, Puntland State


The Prime Minister of the Federal Government of Somalia Mohamed Hussein Roble chaired a security meeting attended by the President of Galmudug, the Ministries of Security of the Federal Government and Galmudug state and the Commanders of the security Forces in Galkayo.

Somali Minister for Security Hassan Xundubey Jimale offered his condolences to the Somali National Army over the deaths of the officers and the people of Galkayo in the Galkayo bombing few days ago.

“The perpetrators of this heinous acts are people who have distorted the religion, destroyed the country and killed our people with impunity, and those people will be defeated at last. Those who misuse the religion, they will never succeed,” Said Hassan Xundubey Jimale.