Morocco normalizes relations with Israel under US brokered deal



Donald Trump announced on twitter the US had recognized Morocco’s sovereignty over the disputed Western Sahara region.

The announcement is part of a deal, which makes Morocco the latest Arab league country to agree to normalize relations with Israel.

With US help, the kingdom becomes the fourth state to normalize relations with Israel since August.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel celebrated the announcement at a prearranged, televised Hanukkah lighting ceremony at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.

“I think that this is the foundation on which we can now build. This peace will resume liaison offices quickly between Israel and Morocco and work as rapidly as possible to establish full diplomatic relations. We’ll also institute direct flights between Morocco and Israel and Israel and Morocco giving this bridge of peace an even more solid foundation. This will be a very warm peace. Peace as never. The light of peace on this Hanukah day has never shown brighter than today in the Middle East.” Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel:

Netanyahu had been accompanied by David M. Friedman, the American ambassador to Israel.

On the subject of the Western Sahara, Morocco has always maintained the region is part of its territory although the African Union recognizes it as an independent state.

The disputed region which is a former Spanish colony, was annexed by Morocco in 1975. It has since then been the subject of a long-running territorial dispute between Morocco and its indigenous Saharawi people, which is led by the pro-independence Polisario Front.