Jubbaland State President warns government officials against misusing religion


The President of the Jubaland State of Somalia Ahmed Mohamed Islam has addressed the Jubbaland Civil Society Organizations and Government Agencies in a meeting attended by women, youth, scholars, politicians, academics and officials from both houses of the Jubaland State and members of the Federal Parliament.

The President said that Al-Shabaab terror militants have been exerting pressure on Jubbaland state in recent days and that they have carried out acts of insecurity, stressing the need for the public to redouble their cooperation with the security forces.

“The Terror group is still attacking us and we need to put that to a halt soonest possible and illegal weapons will not be allowed and those who are found will be prosecuted,” Said President Ahmed Islam.

The president warned of the dangers posed by the inflammatory rhetoric used by government officials to alienate dissidents as extremist ideologies will not be tolerated.

He called on the people of Jubbaland state to join hands and that differing views and political views could never be combined with tribalism which would further alienate the community.

On electoral issues, the State President said Jubbaland was committed to holding elections in the manner agreed upon and that the country was a symbol of unity in holding elections every four years adding that Jubbaland had the right to administer local elections.

The president added that a free and fair elections in the country is important and a poll that deals with the implementation, especially in the commission.