South West president criticizes Presidential candidates meeting in Mogadishu



The President of South West State of Somalia Abdi Aziz Hassan Mohamed laftagareen has strongly criticized the Somali presidential candidates who are holding a conference in Mogadishu.

Speaking at an event in Baidoa, Laftagareen said candidates in Mogadishu should not only look at the bad side of things but also look at what has been done.

“People who are meeting and opposing the commissions should not look negatively at what we are doing. Let them look back on what they have done in the past. I say do not be interested in the bad things you have done in the past,” Said South West State President.

Responding to some statements by the candidates urging the state leaders to be neutral if they cannot support him, the South West President also said that the state leaders, regardless of 4.5, would be neutral in the election situation in the country.

Finally, the President of South West Abdi Aziz Hassan Mohamed said that free and fair elections will be held in South West areas to the satisfaction of the people in the upcoming Somali Poll.

Candidates at the conference in Mogadishu and members of the opposition opposed the Federal and State Electoral Commissions, saying they had been selected by NISA and government officials.