Somali presidential candidates meet with the international community delegates over concerns on Somali Poll


Candidates for the office of the presidency of Somalia held their 4th day of a conference by meeting with representatives of the international community which was held via a ZOOM platform.

Candidates discussed with the international community the political situation in the country, the upcoming elections and their serious concerns about the appointed Federal and State Commissions.

The Candidates have also told the international community that they are deeply concerned about the election and will discuss the matter with President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.

They briefed the delegates on the challenges facing the country’s transparent election as the International Community Representatives acknowledged the ambiguity surrounding the newly appointed commissions.

Candidates have also expressed concern about possible electoral violence and have made it clear to the international community that they would never accept the inclusion of security forces in their committees with President Farmajo and NISA Commander Fahad Yassin discussing the issue.

Candidates for the presidency of Somalia are still in the fourth day of a conference, which was scheduled to end today, but it has been announced that it will be concluded tomorrow.