The second phase of the presidential candidate’s consultative conference opens in Mogadishu


The second phase of the consultative meeting of the candidates for the presidency of Somalia opened yesterday in Mogadishu.

Much of the conference will focus on electoral issues and a return to the process of government-appointed commissions.

Candidates have been vocal in their opposition to the nomination of the country’s election commissions believing that the election will not be free and fair as members of the commissions are said to have been drawn from NISA and government officials.

Most of these candidates have arrived in Mogadishu in recent days and have joined forces to protest against the conduct of the country’s elections which they are vying for.

Candidates for the second day of the conference are Hassan Ali Kheyre, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, Abdirahman Abdishakur, Abdulkadir Osoble Ali, Dahir Mohamud Guelleh, Mustaf Sheikh Ali Duhulow, Abdikarin Hussein Guled, Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden and others.

They are expected to issue a statement on Monday.