Heavy rains in Mogadishu Displaces IDPs and Disrupts traffic in the city


Heavy rains have been witnessed in Somalis Capital Mogadishu last night which left a trail of havoc and causing traffic gridlock as well as displacing scores of people living in IDP camps.

The floodwaters have flooded key roads in Mogadishu leaving many vehicles stranded.

Makkah Al-Mukarramah Road, a very busy road has witnessed heavy traffic congestion and gridlock following a heavily flooding.

Meanwhile, internally displaced person’s camps in Mogadishu and its suburbs have been affected by the rains as they are made of makeshift tents that cannot withstand heavy rains.

The IDPs are said to be in dire need of immediate and comprehensive aid assistance as they are faced with dire humanitarian situation after their makeshift tents were destroyed by the heavy rains.

They are now said to be in a poor state as fears of further rains looms.

Some other neighborhoods are also said to have been affected last night as the situation gets worse.