Turkey launches new training for Somali government troops


The Turkish government has started training new 450 Somali infantry soldiers who will take part in maintaining security in the country.

A statement from the Turkish embassy in Mogadishu said that the troops will be part of the Somali National Army and will take part in the fight against so-called terrorists.

The newly sworn in soldiers were sworn in at the TurkSom military training center in Mogadishu and will be trained for several months to complete their training.

The inauguration ceremony was held at the TurkSom Military Training Center and was attended by officials from the Somali National Army and the Turkish Armed Forces Command.

The  training base in Mogadishu are the sixth batch of the Turkish Army to train Somali forces.

Turkey is one of the main donors to Somalia and has opened a large base in Mogadishu to train a large number of Somali government troops.