Somali government details internet glitch that has thrown the nation into internet blackout


Somali Minister for Postal and Telecommunications Eng. Abdi Anshur Hassan spoke about the problem with the internet connection in southern and central Somalia which has seen a wide internet blackout for more than 12 hours.

In an interview with Universal TV, the Minister said that the defect was not new but that it had now been possible to rectify the July 26 cable disconnection problem which was the basis of internet disconnection in Somalia.

“We have promised the Somali people that we will not experience failure of the internet connections when we receive the equipment we ordered, the equipment that arrived last night at midnight and we have been operational and I hope in the coming days we will get better quality internet connection than before,” Said Somalia’s Minister of Postal and Telecommunications.

He also said that another internet connection was launched last night which connects from Djibouti and passes between Djibouti, Mogadishu and Mombasa.