Jubbaland Human Right Committee Receives 3-day Training on Laws Passed by Jubbaland House of Representatives


The Jubbaland Human Rights Committee of the Jubbaland House of Representatives has today received a training course in Kismayu on the laws passed by the Jubbaland parliament to bring them in line with national and international laws.

The training is being provided by the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM) and will last for three days with the various components of the Jubbaland Parliamentary Committees.

Speaking to Radio Kismayo, the Secretary General of the Jubbaland House of Representatives Mohamed Abdi Noor said the training will provide vital concepts of law to the members of parliaments as well making them conversant with human rights laws.

“ This is a critical training seminar for the Jubbaland parliamentrians and it will be  3 days of intensive training which will help us sufficiently encompassing a lot of legal issues”, Said Mohamed Abdi Noor.

The Jubbaland state parliament is making plans to improve the system of government in Jubaland regional state of Somalia with key note on human rights laws.