Somali Federal Health Ministry Says Puntland State is leading in COVID-19 Cases in Somalia


The Ministry of Health of the Federal Government of Somalia has today announced the highest number of cases of coronavirus infection in Puntland State of Somalia.

A statement from the ministry said that 2,704 people have been tested in Somalia in the last five days and 157 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in Puntland.

There are 134 of them are living in Puntland, 20 in Somaliland, 1 in Galmudug and only two in the capital Mogadishu.

A total of 98 men and 59 women have been diagnosed with the disease and 64 people have been cured of the disease. No deaths relating to the disease have been reported so far in the recent weeks. The total number of the people diagnosed with the COVID-19 in Somalia has reached 3,745