Somalia’s Military Ranked 136th Out Of 138 Countries In Military Power



The Global Firepower report which annually compares the world’s military might and power has presented a list of 138 countries and their military strengths.

The report’s assessment which was conducted this year was based on the number of weapons, military and financial resources that these countries spend on military construction and operations of its military.

The first positions on the list do not usually change each year. But in some countries this power varies from year to year.

The first four top powerful military has not changed in recent years and includes:

1- United States

2- Russia

3- China

4 India

For the first time since 2020, Turkey has dropped from the list of the ten most powerful countries in the world military while Egypt has narrowed down to the top 10, making it unprecedented.

Other countries on the US-led list are:

5- Japan

6- South Korea

7- France

8- English

9- Egypt

10- Brazil

For the past two years, Turkey has been in ninth place while in the previous two years it has finished eighth. But this year he came in 11th.

Last year in 2019, Saudi Arabia narrowly slipped to 25th place, while Israel ranked 17th.

The top 25 countries on the list include:

11- Turkey

12- Italy



15- Pakistan

16- Indonesia

17- Saudi Arabia


19- Australia

20- Spain

21- Poland

22- Vietnam

23- Thailand

24- Canada

25- North Korea

Somalis are 136th in the list of 138 countries this year. The two countries below Somalia are Liberia and Bhutan.