Puntland State President Calls On the Ratification Of The Mogadishu Poll Agreements


The President of the Puntland State of Somalia Saciid Abdullahi Deni attended a welcoming ceremony in Mogadishu last night.
The ceremony was also attended by the Deputy Speaker of the House of the People Mahad Awad, Federal Government of Somalia officials, Benadir Regional Administration officials and various sections of the community in Mogadishu.
Puntland regional state President Saciid Abdullahi Deni said the agreement between the administrations and the Somali presidency was not unique to the federal member state heads and to members of parliament.
He said the lawmakers should agree on the need to ratify and be satisfied with its implementation.
He called for political sobriety and tolerance and working together towards a peaceful a general elecion.
President Deni urged somali politicians who had opposed him for the past four years to forge a common goal and work to the regional state’s success.