Jubbaland President Orders Security Authorities To Provide Final investigation Reports On Terror Incidents


The President of the Jubaland State of Somalia Ahmed Mohamed Islam has today met with top jubbaland security heads.

The President instructed the security forces and the police to intensify their security operations and manhunt for terror cells in the wake of yesterday’s terror incident at a local mosque in Kismayu where a suicide bomber wearing a suicide vest blew himself up targeting a prominent Jubbaland official and the Jubbaland Chamber of Commerce head Shaafi Rabbi.

Shaafi Rabbi sustained life-threatening injuries from the terror explosion and succumbed to his injuries.

2 other people are also said to have died in the 1pm suicide attack at Jamcul Qaadim mosque in Kismayu after Friday prayers.

The state President noted that more vigilance is needed to curb incidents of insecurity in the region.

“Everyone is responsible for security in this part of Somalia and close vigilance and look out is necessary to see a defeat of the terror outfits that are spilling the blood of innocent people”, Said President Ahmed Islam.

The President was also briefed on the outcome of the operations on the road between Kismayo and Afmadow districts and praised the bravery of the Jubbaland forces in crashing the Al-Shabaab terror network.

The Jubbaland state head said the relentless security operations against the Al-Shabaab extremist will continue to be a top priority for the Jubbaland forces until they are wiped out from the region.