The Jubbaland Ministry of Interior is planning the establishment of Jubbaland district councils.


The long-running plan to set up district councils is currently underway in Afmdow district of Lower Juba region and once the district completes the process of forming a local council, nine other districts will also be helped establish similar local councils.

Various sections of the community are expected to participate in the formation of the local councils in different districts of the Jubbaland state.

The youths in Afmadow district welcomed the plan of the Jubbaland Interior interior to establish the local councils in Jubbaland districts saying they are ready as young people to participate in the formation of local councils.

Afmadow District Youth chairman Abdikadir Dakane Elmi said Afmadow youths have long wanted the local councils structure in Jubbaland and they will be fully participating in its formation.

“This is a right step for Jubbaland state and it’s people. We have been long waiting for this and Afmadow youths are backing its full formation”, Said Abdiqadir Dakane.

Jubbaland district administrations were previously appointed by the Jubbaland Ministry of Interior and Local Government but are now elected by local councilors.

The new formations will help the locals to access government and social services near their vicinity.