The Jubbaland Darwiish forces and the Danab Commandos thwarted an Al-Shabaab terror incident in Jana Abdalle


The Al-Shabaab terror militants are said to have loaded a TOYOTA SURF landcruiser vehicle with deadly explosives which was destined for a Jubbaland security checkpoint in Jana Abdalle.

The Fully loaded Toyota Surf Land cruiser was said to have been promptly identified by the Jubbaland and Danab security forces stationed there and hit it with heavy mortars and artillery and exploded along with its occupants before reaching the Jubbaland and Danab forces checkpoint.

A contingent of Jubbaland and Danab forces have taken over control of the Jana Abdalle are two days ago in a massive security operation to topple the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab terror group who previously controlled the area.