313 Kismayu Youths Benefit From Handicraft Vocational Skills Training By The Youths & Sports Ministry


The Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Jubbaland state has completed training for 313 youths in handicrafts skills on how to repair water pipes and solar panels.

The training which lasted for 10 months was aimed at transforming the lives of unemployed youths in the Jubbaland State of Somalia.

The vocational trainee youths were equipped with skills that could help them earn a living.

ADRA chief Mohamed Abdi Farah who was presented during closing ceremony said the vocational skills will go along way in shaping the lives of the jobless and idle Kismayu youths.

Jubbaland State Minister for Youth and Sports Osman Hussein Haji Fayruus closed the event and urged young people to take advantage of the skills they have been taught and transfer it to the growing market.