3-day military training exercise led by Somali defense minister Kicks- off in Dhoobley


Delegates from the Somali Ministry of Defense are currently in Dhoobley to roll out a military training capacity building for the Dhoobley army.

The Somali defence delegation trained the Dhobley sector 43 forces on human rights issues, discipline in the armed forces, rape among other military issues.

The three-day military training exercise for the military officers will also cover the abuses children face in times of conflict such as recruiting children into war as child soldiers.

The Sector 43 Dhoobley military force were educated on the adverse effects of setting up military camps and bases within educational and health facilities.

Somalia is one of the countries most affected by conflict and war. In recent years, Child soldiers were being recruited and used in front line combats.

The Somali defense delegation led by the Somali Defence minister Hassan Ali Mohamed Amar dambe underscored the negative effects of child soldiers during the 3-day military exercise.