Al-Shabaab Terror Network Leader Ahmed Diriye Bows Down Amid Ill Health Speculations


Reports are now emerging that the Al-Qaeda linked Al-Shabaab terror network leader Ahmed Diriye has handed over the leadership of the terror group to his second in command Abu Bakar Aden, though temporarily amidst speculations of serious ill health conditions.

The Somali spy agency, the National Intelligence Security Agency has said that the Terror outfit leader is in serious health deteroriation which forced him to hand over power to his deputy.

The spy agency also confirmed of a serious wrangles and in-fighting between the terror group and a senior militant leader of the Amniyat, an intelligence wing of Al-Shabaab extremist group.

In a tweet, the NISA said AL-Shabaab leader Ahmed Diriye took the break from leadership to focus on his ill health condition.

“We have established that the AL-Shabaab has effected leadership change after the group leader Ahmed Diriye fell ill. He has since handed over the leadership to his deputy Abukar Aden who is now supervising the group’s activities” Reads part of the NISA tweet.

The AL-Shabaab leader’s deteroriating health comes amidst serious rifts with the Amniyat and finance Boss Mahad Karate, one of the most wanted terrorist in US terror watchlist.

Mahad Karate is said to be fighting for AL-Shabaab leadership change, a terrror outfit that aims to bring down the United Nations Somali backed government.

Reports early this year indicated that the Al-Shabaab leader Ahmed Diriye expelled Amniyat’s Mahad Karate following internal wrangles within the terror network, a decision said not yet effected after Karate’s faction threatened to put up a seperate faction of the network.

Ahmed Diriye’s axe also fell on another Amniyaat commander Bashir Qorgab, a man under siege from US radar. He was however killed in an airstrike by the US Africa command on february in the outskirts of Saakow.

Last week, the Jubbaland National Inteligence Security Agency chief Col. Khalid Abdullahi said the Al-Shabaab terror group is entangled in a serious rift that could spell doom for the existence of terror network in Somalia.

“A rift was widely felt inside the terror network after the execution of the Jubbaland region Al-Shabaab commander Abdifatah Barre who was respected by majority of the terror militants. a section of the militants threatened to decamp from the group, this signals that the outfit is getting less effective and falling apart”, Said Col. Khalid.