Jubbaland Ministry Of Fisheries Bolstered Awareness Campaigns On Corona Virus Pandemic


The Jubbaland Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources has concluded an awareness campaign for fishermen in Kismayo, the Jubbaland regional state of Somalia.

The sensitization campaign was geared towards aiding fishermen and fish vendors working in the Kismayu fish market which is always a hive of activities.

The head of the administration and financial management department at the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine resources Bashir Mohamed Budul told Radio Kismayo that the first phase of the awareness campaign on Corona Virus had been completed.

“We are working closely with a lot of people engaged in the fishing sector and this Corona Virus aid package will go along way in helping the fish market workers maintain a high level of the Corona Virus awareness in their line of work”, Said Bashir Budul.

Workers at the fishing markets in Kismayo have been provided with anti-Corona Virus materials such as face masks, Hand gloves, Soaps and other hygiene detergents and anti-viral fluids to counter the adverse effects of the Covid-19.

Bashir Mohamed Budul said the awareness campaign launched by the Jubbaland Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources against the Global Corona-Virus was supported by the German Federal ministry of development and Cooperation (BMZ)- GIZ.